Renters: Melissa Howlett and Lucas Tingle Location: Sydenham Ward Size: 1,000+ square feet Years lived in: Two by lindy mechefske photography by lucas tingle

A Home in Focus

h The living room is a mélange of contemporary pieces including the ?Paris Chair,? with its classically French muted tones and curves. f The windows are original, and still have antique glass in them. ?Antique glass is beautiful to look through,? says Lucas. ?The imperfections give the world behind it a soft blur and ripple, not entirely unlike an impressionist?s painting. The effect is truly painterly.? Melissa Howlett and Lucas Tingle?s Sydenham Ward apartment has a Paris feel ? an air of romance ? a glorious combination of charm, history and style. The 1847 limestone building has tall ceilings; an old wood-burning fireplace; ceiling roses; and antique, unpainted, solid wood doors. In the couple?s bedroom, a large window opens onto an enclosed courtyard/foyer below, allowing for masses of natural light and the feeling of spaciousness. Melissa and Lucas are partners in life and in their photography business, Winding Violets. Both have a flair for art, design and fashion. Lucas is a selfconfessed detail fanatic. Melissa likes to get things done. Together, they?re an artistic force, a fusion of talent, ingenuity and drive ? all of which are amply evident in both their photography and their home. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Melissa: Lucas and I both grew up north of Kingston. We met through a mutual friend and on our first date we went to St. Mary?s Cathedral to hear Handel?s Messiah. We enjoy finding beauty in old things. Lucas: Melissa and I share a love of photography, design and travel. We take a fine art/editorial approach to our photography. Being self-employed does mean that it?s hard to stop, hard to take time off. To counter that, I recently took up sailing and have been enjoying the sense of community that accompanies the sport. What initially attracted you to your home? We?ve lived in downtown Kingston for a decade and like the location. We?re attracted to the old features ? the beautiful moulding and the woodburning fireplace. We wanted to be in an environment which both stirred and inspired us and a place wherer we could bring our clients to. 2013 | | interiors 21

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