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hiStoric Building co.

by josephine matyas what happens when you marry an informal association of artisans and craftsmen with a deep commitment to helping humanity and their local communities through conservation, sustainable design and community action? you've just designed the historic building co. historic building co. is a bit out of the ordinary. there is no rigid corporate structure and no hierarchy other than ability in a related craft or profession. the talented artisans within the large, mostly Kingston-based group, share similar goals: sustainable conservation and a commitment to bettering their communities. as craftspeople, they are driven by the wish to preserve and conserve ontario's built heritage. as colleagues, they are highly respectful of each other's talents. their members include cabinetmakers, carpenters, general contractors, builders, heritage consultants, historic and heritage woodworkers, millworkers, stonemasons, painters, as well as those that work in gilding, leathering, upholstery, boatbuilding, marble altars and hardware repairs. they do it all. one of the basic philosophies behind historic building co. is that if artisans and craftspeople are gainfully employed, the nation is richer and the great art and architecture of the region are preserved and enhanced. but ask them to share the spotlight, and they step back. they are a modest bunch who would rather have the light shine on an extensive range of charity work. they buy local, support local, donate to auctions in support of local arts and food banks, and are generally committed to extending a helping hand to the disadvantaged. what they lack in money, they compensate with their beautiful wares and with volunteer hours. 14 interiors | | 2013 hCirca 1910 Collection jWilmington Collection an unconventional business with strong community ties grecent work by historic building co. can be seen at downtown's coffeeco. imthe space features a sustainable slab bench dining table and live-edge oak slab countertop and shelving unit.

induStrial lighting

lighting is the easiest and most economical way to update an interior. simply switching out a light fixture can completely change a room's look and feel. the trend towards industrial lighting that began several years ago shows no signs of waning. it can give an otherwise traditional space an edge. the beauty of the look is that it feels comfortable in many spaces. and when you consider all the available finish options, your new light can take on a look that's traditional, rustic, retro, or modern. try incorporating the trend into your home by adding multiple industrial ceiling lights in a hallway, or opt for an industrial-style chandelier over a casual dining table. lighting reflects design, 613-542-5115 (above) photos by scott adamson

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